Client crashing

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Client crashing

Post by Echo » Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:02 pm

We've been alerted to many people crashing when trying to enter the game.

I'll get right onto sorting it out!
Bob update(6/14/2017 1 am cst): What is the first day anyone's seen the Imunify360 notice on the website?
It looks like we've had this issue for the past 3 weeks, since roughly 5/26 or so. Sorry for my delay in finding out about it.
Been digging for the past 3 hours.
Short answer is, looks like we may need to replace the patcher. I'm still digging, but this thing is ancient, has no manual, or source of any kind, and was designed to be hard to dig into originally. We'll see what rabbit i can pull out of my hat.