Wyrm memory

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Wyrm memory

Post by Andrew » Tue May 19, 2015 9:41 pm

Every farmer, guards and miners in Minoc knows that the stool at the bar near the wall is the old man place.

The old man, as the word goes, was an adventurer. One that the legends forgotten. He used to fight with the great, but no archivist or scribe know his name. Not a bard ever wrote a song about him. But, here in Minoc, the old man has it's place. He would come in late at night when the feast was done and the cheers were quieting.

This night two young warriors came in. They weren't from Minoc. They were rejoicing for having received their first pay as fighters by the mayor which was anxious about the increasing number of Ettins north of his towns. They sat at the bar all evening. When the waitress asked to go sit at a table because she was waiting for her regular customer, they got mad. A sudden burst of over-confidence.

What is it cutie? you don't want us near you?

Yeah. You think you can give us orders?

As the two young men started bullying the waitress, the old man spoke up.


The young men stopped and turned around

Who are you?

The old man was stand still

Just leave

Not before you tell us who you are

The men approached the old man

You should really listen to us old man

The old man replied

You wouldn't know my name

One of the young man said

Hey Broc, the old man seems to have a story. I'm sure he's telling everyone about his stories.

The man looked up

The stories aren't mine, even if I told you. You wouldn't believe.

The young men were intrigued.

Alright old man, tell us an unbelievable story

The old man waved his hand.

Well I could tell you of my best friend Jack, the strongest man in Britannia which could toss an ogre across the Despise bridge. I could tell you of Yaiin, his wife, for which the Black Rock had no secret. I could tell you of Muzaffar, the finest sailor and fisherman on the sea. I could tell you of the crazy Froyd, which brewed too many exploding potions. I could tell you of Poetic Winter, which was as precise with arrow as with words.

The old man paused a short time.

I could tell you if I could still have a drink at the best Inn the whole land: The Sleeping Wyrm Inn.

I remember the Sleeping Wyrm Inn...