The Death of A Crafter

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The Death of A Crafter

Post by Hattat » Tue May 09, 2006 8:45 pm

It was a gorgeous Satuarday morning in the cove graveyard, for an expert alchemist to gather bones for making stonewall potions. The peaceful stillness shattered suddenly, when an absolute bully entered the graveyard and accused the alchemist of murdering someone in the cove. Stunned the achemist explained that he was a crafter with no kills and had no intention of killing anyone. The bully pressed on, swearing and threatening the crafter with his life. Frustrated the poor crafter, walked away wondering who had been murdered, and why had he been accused of the crime??? Three days had come to pass and the alchemist had not given things another thought. He worked diligently at brit bank completing his potions, when the bully crossed his path once more. This time, the bully and his group of friends repeatedly killed the poor crafter in front of I, the crafters wife. With much dismay, I have taken of photograph of the crime and have notified the proper authorities. It is my only hope that justice will prevail. How sad it is to be a crafter these days, in the land of obsidian. To the bullies who behaved so disgracefully, you have no honour. You know who you are and you need to learn how to think before you act. You have severely wronged an innocent man. You must apoligize or may karma show you no mercy.

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Post by Todd » Mon Aug 13, 2007 1:16 am

ok ur the bullie.. Threatning us with karma.. how DARE YOU :!: