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 Post subject: Necromancers
PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:38 am 

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There is no cost to PVPing as a necromancer and they very strong. If you run into 2 enemy necromancers, your instantly dead if they both cast fire whip.

I suggest implementing necromancy orbs which will function like reagents. You require the orb to use Necromancy and the orbs fade after lots of use. These Necromancy Orbs could drop as a unique item from a boss or a have a very rare global drop or both. The value/rarity of this orb should be near what it costs a warrior to gear up

Right now anybody and everybody can train to GM Necromancy for free in there house. By doing this we make necromancers a rare (mysterious) class which I believe was the intent when they were put in.

This would also help justify the strength of necromancers and gives balance. As it stands, Necromancers can hunt monsters without reagents or taking damage. Other than that, they are a huge imbalance to PVP as they cost nothing to load-out. It is not worth fighting a Necromancy as you risk your own loot for nothing.

Deathwish (Blood Wraiths)

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