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Right now Warlock warriors, rangers and mages are not at viable. If you are unfamiliar with Warlocks here is a link.

These classes receive increased damage from all sources only to gain a resistance to debuffs. I suppose Conjuring Image could be useful in PVP but none of the other race abilities give benefit in combat.

I suggest removing Magic Reflect spell out of the Magic Spellbook as it was in the passed (T3A). Also remove the Magic Reflect effect out of the necromancy spell - Total Protection and making it into a race ability.Scale down the mana cost and skill requirement of Total Protction accordingly. Give spell reflect a 40 second cooldown? Spell Reflect lasts 6 seconds. Dispel is also reflected by Spell Reflect. Mass dispel doesn't affect the warlock and Spell Reflect remains active, have all AOEs do the same.

In addition to this, give Warlocks 6% lifesteal on hit (magery and physical damage) and rounding up the resulting number. Damage from Necromancy does not gain this benefit
At 6% lifesteal, a warlock must deal 9 damage or greater to steal 1 life, 25 dmg or > to steal 2 life, 42 dmg or > to steal 3 life, etc.

Mages must deal 25 damage or > before lifesteal passive takes effect. 24 magery damage or less steals 0 life, 25 dmg or > steals 2 life, 42 damage steals 3 life, etc. Without having magery meet this minimum damage, spamming of quick spells would be too strong.

Warlocks should be able to toggle between stealing life and stealing mana.

Only problem I can see is that the lifesteal passive with high attack speed weapons might be too powerful and become the only weapon style for warlocks. Fencing/Archery/Wrestling may need there own special attention, perhaps something similar to what I suggested for magery. This problem may also arrise with the bonus damage Dark Elves deal. However, We will not know until weapon balancing is done as all weapons will supposedly become more similiar.

I encourage you guys to poke holes in this. If it balances out like I think it will, warlocks would make for a cool race.

Deathwish (Blood Wraiths)

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