Obsidian Shard

Originally launched in March, 2000

Just whistle while you work

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy behind the scenes!

Systems are being put into place to ensure that we're coming up with a steady stream of bug fixes, new content and balances to the game. There's been so much work to go around lately that we have had to promote staff to share around the work load and as you can see they're learning quickly!


We're aiming to have a patch out early next month that will include groundwork for a lot of the future releases, the likes of which, I'm sure, you will all thoroughly enjoy. I'll save the excited pitch for when we release the patch with all the glorious details it'll contain.

We have in place a rather detailed plan to overhaul a number of systems and the newly appointed GMs have been hard at work testing, building and coding to help get us back on the right track. We're very much looking forward to showcasing all our hard work in the coming months.

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March Update

Welcome to Obsidian, population currently: 1.

As I sit here, in what was once called Blackthorn's castle, I have a quiet moment of contemplation about what to tackle next. Will it be some mapping work, a bug fix or two or will I just go and open another bottle of wine and kick back watching two dragons tear each other to pieces?

The shard has been quiet for a long time now which I could stomp and complain about but really the only thing that will change that is a lot of hard work.

Monster loot needs to be reworked, map zones aligned, character classes adjusted, staff promoted and demoted, towns to be built and rebuilt, crafting to be overhauled and new events created that inject LIFE back into the game.

Myself and a couple of dedicated staffers (including the newly appointed GM Overdrive, congratulations!) have been working towards getting things firing up again. It's slow work. Agonisingly slow but steady.

We need more scripters, staff, players to run and enjoy a game that is nearly 20 years old. It doesn't have the latest and greatest graphics or sound files and it can be a bit slower than your current game of choice. If we are to bring life back to this game (And I know you all remember the good times) this really will take a LOT of work.

But I'm up for that challenge. Are you?

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We're back

Sorry about the downtime, domain name was lapsing and broadband was out of town, but luckily echo and kraken were both vigilant about it and let me know in plenty of time to get it fixed up.

Happy new year!

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November update

Greetings to one and all,

Over the next month myself a few other staff are going to be putting in some work behind the scenes for a release of a decent patch.
You may notice a rather large change to the map zones, this is due to the addition of race halls and tweaking of some towns to accommodate each race.

The shard has been awfully quiet as of late, but hey with the injection of a bit of work, who knows - maybe we'll see a few extra faces return during December?

I'm always on the lookout for more help - currently I need some assistance with some NPC dialogue (yes you can decide what the NPCs say) and book writing for the eventual library!

I'm also always on the lookout for new ideas so if you have any - feel free to shoot me a PM and we can discuss.

I hope you are all well and enjoying this time of year.

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Short Downtime October 23rd

Short downtime on october 23rd while some things get moved around and corrected. We should be up by midnight.

Edit: We are back online, thanks for the patience!

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Shard Back Up

I've gotten the shard back up, please let me know any anomalies you see.
This also explains why i was having such issues getting houses refreshed, as the internal system was dying when i tried to add the 2 months to their life, since it knew it couldn't go another 2 months before resetting.
so houses should also have their lives restored and the 2 month window reset.

So yeah, shard's back up, (should be) operating normally, let us know of any weirdness or missing items or what not you find.

Also props to Zyon for being on top of this and checking in on it to see how progress was going over the weekend while i was out of town.

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Time Freeze

I've been informed we've had a time freeze.
I am currently out of town for the weekend and will look into it when i get home.
Educated guess: It's the same time freeze we had that forced the emergency upgrade of the server software and the migration from 51a. It's been about the same amount of time since that happened (wow time flies) as it has been between the opening of the shard and the bug happening originally.

So yeah, i'm aware, i wish I could do something from here but i can't, I'll get to it when it get back home, but it may not be a simple fix. Or maybe it will, we'll see what our options are.

It's a testatment to this shard's history that it's lived long enough to hit this bug twice if it is.

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We're back up

Sorry for the delay and unannounced downtime.
Looks like we're back to normal now.

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Domain issues for dxgaming

I am aware of them. I am doing everything i can to contact broadband and find out.

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Server Down for maintenance

Edit4: That was dumb. Sorry for the extended downside, this was supposed to be a quick swap. 6:20 back online.
Server is BACK UP.

Server was just taken down for maintenance, the new parts game in so i'll be doing that as well as patching it. It has a backlog of updates.
Hopefully it'll be up in 15 minutes, but may go longer if these updates go slow.

I will update here as it goes (Update 2 of 47)
edit 1: 5:14pm: Update 44 of 47
Edit2: 5:45 pm: Ok those updates took a lot longer than i thought. Got it powered down, new parts are in, old parts cleaned up and maintenance done on it while i had it open. It's in final bootup and reconfigure now. Hopefully back before 6
Edit3: 6:07 Ugh.... any minute now.... a bar is sitting at 99% for the past 3 min....

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